Top ten cities that tourist visit Mazatlan


MAZATLAN. – You have wondered where the people who vacation in Mazatlan come from, because the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan took on the task of conducting a survey and throwing out these results, and no, Durango is not in the first place.  

Secretary Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas explained that according to the survey and the promotion that has been made of the “Pearl of the Pacific”, tourism has diversified geographically and cities that previously did not have Mazatlán on the radar are now among the 10 that more visit the destination.  

“ Mazatlán has had significant growth in recent years and, without a doubt, something that came to strengthen the destination naturally was the Northern Corridor for road tourism; however, the city has been growing with new markets and it’s data that helps us see what we’re doing,” he said.

Of these, the municipal official pointed out that Nuevo León and Mexico City unseated cities such as Durango, which obtained fourth place with 7.5 percent of those surveyed; from there the same state was positioned, with 7 percent; Chihuahua with 5.5 percent; Jalisco with 4.5 percent; Sonora with 4 percent and for the first time, Zacatecas, with 4 percent.  

The survey also highlighted that 51 percent of tourists had already visited Mazatlan, while 49 percent were doing so for the first time; Of those who have already visited Mazatlan, 75 percent have been to the port from 1 to 5 times.  

Promotion through “foddie bloggers” attracts other markets 

Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, added that they are working in collaboration with gastronomic influencers, or ” foddie bloggers ” as they are known on the internet, they, in addition to being dedicated to promoting their place of origin, through food, they travel and it is through gastronomy that they are able to recommend and that a certain tourist niche visits the destination in the future.  

This, he said, because the gastronomy of Mazatlán stands out above other destinations and that, by promoting it, it does manage to increase visitors, whether in a seafood cart or a restaurant, both in urban and rural areas.

The Mazatlan Post