Mazatlan police awarded for issuing tickets and enforcing traffic laws


Pablo Ramírez Suárez Sub Inspector congratulated the municipal president on behalf of the elements, especially for the results obtained in the last days in which inspections and vehicle checkpoints were reinforced

Mazatlán.- 46 elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat were recognized as Police of the Month, corresponding to April and May, for which they received an economic stimulus and a diploma.

The person in charge of the Secretariat’s office, Inspector Simón Malpica Hernández, led the ceremony held at the Citizen Security Center, which was attended by the Executive Secretary of the Public Security Council, Martin Medina Arthur; the Deputy Director of Municipal Traffic, Jorge Samuel Alvarado Ilustre, the Coordinator of Municipal Civil Protection, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum and the President of Canaco Servitur, Roberto Lem González.

recognize police
recognize police

As head of the Operations Directorate of the Municipal Police, Deputy Inspector Pablo Ramírez Suárez congratulated the elements on behalf of the Municipal President, Chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, especially for the results obtained in the last few days in which the inspections and vehicle checkpoints.

recognize police

“I never tire of saying that the elements of the corporation are policemen who wear their shirts well and fully comply with the preventive functions assigned to us; we must continue generating incentive processes for them, so that they can feel proud of achieving their goals, their objectives; that they know that they are the heroic part of society and that behind each one of you there is a family that is also proud of you.”

recognize police

The president of the Fecanaco Sinaloa, Miguel Hernández Fonseca joined the congratulations and stressed that thanks to the work carried out by the preventive corporation and the results obtained, Mazatlán is not within the alert that the United States issued for its citizens, to whom asked that they not travel to certain places in our country.


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