Long list: In Mazatlan there are 400 people waiting for a kidney transplant


The president of the Ale Mazatlán ‘Organ Donation’ Association, Dr. Verónica Olvera Carrasco, said that the port has a zero culture of donation.

MAZATLAN.- Did you know that in Mexico there are 22 thousand 859 patients waiting for a transplant? 17 thousand 299 renal, 5 thousand 259 corneal, 238 liver, 54 cardiac, and the rest combined transplants (liver-kidney, heart-lung), as reported by the president of the Ale Mazatlán Association ‘Organ Donation’, Dr. Verónica Olvera Carrasco. 

In Mazatlán alone, there are 400 people on dialysis on the waiting list to receive a kidney transplant, but so far this year, only 3 transplants have been performed in Culiacán, in our municipality transplants continue to be detained as a result of the pandemic. 

Why has Covid influenced this process? According to Olvera Carrasco, intensive care is being occupied by infected patients, leaving little space for transplant patients, adding to the fact that the participation rate in the port is almost nil. Before the pandemic, in 2019, there was a record of a kidney donation. 

At the beginning of the health emergency, only urgent transplants or priority assignments were carried out, that is, in people in critical conditions who required a heart, liver, kidney, or cornea, as well as in pediatric patients. This was due to the fact that at that time specialists in this type of surgical intervention focused their energy and knowledge on the care of Covid-19.  

“The donation process stopped during the pandemic at the national level, during 2020 and 2021 there were no donations or transplants and now it is being reactivated. Right now in Mazatlan, we do not yet have organ donation or transplants activated because a new wave has already come.” 

How are we at the national level?  

So far in 2022, Mexico has performed 114 cornea transplants, 943 kidney transplants, 95 liver transplants, 13 heart transplants, 1 pancreas transplant, 1 heart-kidney transplant, and 1 liver-kidney transplant. 

At the national level, the entities with the most transplants between January and March 2022 were Mexico City with a total of 271; it is followed by Nuevo León, with 74; Coahuila with 38; the State of Mexico with 32; Jalisco with 29 and Puebla with 28. 

On the contrary, the states with the fewest corneal transplants are Michoacán with two, the same as Hidalgo; Durango with four; Sonora with nine and Chihuahua and Baja California with 11. 

In kidney transplants, the entities with the most events are Mexico City with 157; Jalisco with 124; Puebla with 32; Nuevo León with 28 and Coahuila with 28. 

Those who had fewer kidney transplants were Tamaulipas with two; Sinaloa with three as well as Tlaxcala and Michoacán, Zacatecas with five, and Chihuahua with six. 

They call for a culture of donation  

The president pointed out that there is a more culture of donation, it does not matter if it is about organs, since the issue of altruistic blood donation has also gone down.  

“The donation rate is so small, the culture of donation needs to be activated, that people want to donate, that is why we thought of launching a campaign so that people know the process”. 


Covid-19 is an important risk factor for complications and death for people who have received an organ, especially those who have not been vaccinated. In 2020, when vaccines were not yet available, 26.5 percent of transplanted people who were infected with SARS-CoV-2 died. 

Source: punto.,mx

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