No plans for the weekend? In Aguacaliente de Gárate, Concordia, they will celebrate with a plum fair


The municipal director of Tourism, Ricardo Vizcarra, mentioned that this is a good opportunity to attract tourism to the community, famous for being a producer of the fruit.

¡Ya hay ciruelas en agua caliente de Gárate!

Concordia, Sinaloa.- The plum is one of the most iconic and representative fruits of the municipality of Concordia, particularly of the community of Aguacaliente de Gárate, where the largest number of plum trees in southern Sinaloa lies, therefore, this weekend prepares for the third edition of the Plum Fair 2022.

Ricardo Vizcarra, municipal director of Tourism explained that this is a good opportunity to promote tourism to this syndicate, which announced that it will be carrying out various monthly activities through the committee of residents, who seek to encourage visits.

“Well, here the idea is to attract more tourists to Aguacaliente de Gárate and, well, to be recognized by more people, to try to support them a little more in the tourist issue.”

No plans for the weekend?  In Aguacaliente de Gárate, Concordia, they will celebrate the plum

A parade through the streets and a dance on Saturday, in addition to a gastronomic pavilion with appetizers and products made with plums as raw material, as well as contests and jaripeos, is what will frame Sunday, which will also be held at night a dance, thus culminating the Plum Fair, which due to pandemic issues saw activities suspended in 2020 and 2021.

The municipal official pointed out that this event has become a tradition among the population and people who come from other municipalities to enjoy the fruit and products such as chamoy, jams and even plum atole.


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