Mazatlan Animal Conservation Center reforest Central Park with 100 trees


The idea of ​​planting more trees is to improve the environment and raise awareness of the importance of these actions, says the director of the Animal Conservation Center.

MAZATLAN.- The director of the Animal Conservation Center in Mazatlan, Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, today carried out the planting campaign in the Central Park of this port, within the framework of World Environment Day.  

He indicated that the main idea is that the children and young people who attended the event know how to plant a tree, that they are part of the importance of this type of thing, and when they are older they can proudly say: “I planted this tree” .   

Rojas Zepeda commented that it is important to invite local people and visitors in these activities to spread the care of the environment. For this reason, an agreement will be signed with the Culiacán Botanical Garden to further enrich the Central Park. 

“We are going to the Culiacán Botanical Garden, they have the experience, we will do a study to see which species are the most resistant, suitable for the climate here in Mazatlan, not to plant species that are not from the region, we will do everything conscientiously,” he said. .  

A total of one hundred trees and plants were planted from Amapa, Roses, Narcissus, Summer Petunia, Red Dracena and Ixora, today, adding 2,264 existing ones to the list. 

The event was attended by the Department of Ecology, Department of Public Services, through Parks and Gardens, the Colegio Militarizado Nuevo México, and the Technical Fishing High School #7. 

On the other hand, he made it clear that they still do not have a date for the closure of the Mazatlan Aquarium, which has been in operation for more than 30 years, and since they have not received written notification of the start of activities, they are waiting for the schedule. of the closing of the Aquarium.  

More green areas are missing in Mazatlan  

The head of the Municipal Planning Institute in Mazatlan, Leticia Alvarado Fuentes, acknowledged that there is a lack of more green areas in the city, which is why they support environmentalists with different afforestation campaigns. 

He indicated that it is a deficiency that the port experiences, however, he stressed that several civil associations are concerned about this issue, and together with the municipal authorities, they have carried out different campaigns to combat it.  

“Yes, it is a deficiency, and it is something that many civil associations in coordination with the city council and the Department of Ecology, to plant trees, the idea would be to have a greener city, we collaborate with them, we provide information where trees are most lacking, where to seek these campaigns so that they have a better effect”, expressed Alvarado Fuentes.  

She mentioned the importance of green areas throughout the city, since now it is about giving greater relevance to the issue of mobility in which bicycling and walking are invited, the trees help reduce the sensation of heat.  

On the other hand, she said that the Municipal Program for Territorial Planning and Urban Development is working at Implan, for which a series of visits are made to the unions, including La Noria, where a declaration is created that seeks to protect real estate. historical. 

“In Implan we made a declaration that has already been passed to the Cabildo, the councilors already have it and it is time for them to approve it. magic of the nearby towns, is the idea of ​​​​the declaration, that the charm of historical buildings is not lost, “he concluded. 

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