Did gasoline increase this week in Mazatlan? Here we tell you


The average cost of fuel so far this week is 21 pesos and 88 cents, however, the price may vary depending on the establishment where it is purchased.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The summer season is about to begin in its strongest days in the port, however, gasoline has remained at a stable price in recent weeks, so the price of fuel at Mazatlan gas stations today it is at an average of 21 pesos, however, in other seasons it can even exceed 23 pesos per liter.

There are gas stations that sell Magna gasoline, that is, the green one, for just 20.25 pesos, being the cheapest at the moment, this at the gas station located on Avenida Manuel J. Clouthier No. 4444, in the Costa Dorada neighborhood.

On the other hand, the gas station located on Avenida Marina Mazatlán No. 2201, handles Magna gasoline at 21.89 pesos and Premium at 23.38 pesos, this being the highest price of the day.

It is recommended to look for the best option to accommodate your pocket, since it is a good strategy to buy the price of fuel at different gas stations and thus manage finances in a good way, especially in the high holiday season.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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