“The arrival of more soldiers in Sinaloa is good; support will be requested only in extreme cases” says Mayor


Cartel War Rumors

The Mayor Benítez called on Mazatlecos not to be alarmed because those messages that circulate on social networks about alleged clashes between rival drug gangs are not true

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres supported and “welcomed” the arrival of more elements of the Mexican Army to Sinaloa and, therefore, to Mazatlán to reinforce security and this, he said, is only a sign of the concern of the Secretariat of the National Defense (Sedena).

The municipal president specified that in the case of Mazatlan, the support of military elements will be requested only in extreme cases because, for now, the destination has very good levels of security and tranquility for tourists and locals.

“The brigadier general told me that more elements are coming”

What opinion do you have?

“Look, people come to work in the security of citizens, they are welcome”

Would it take care of Mazatlan?

“Not necessarily, only in extreme cases would we request the support of the Army, while the local police is enough,” he said.

Regarding the messages that began to circulate on WhatsApp and on other social networks, in relation to the fact that this weekend there could be clashes between rival drug gangs in the northern part of Mazatlan, the municipe asserted that these “are just rumors; I assure you that nothing will happen.”

“They had already asked me and it is something that they bring out, they are rumors as my friend says, they are rumors and I assure you that nothing is going to happen”

-People are being asked not to go out, how do you see this?

“Yes, but nothing happens because Mazatlan is calm, we have a boat right now and everything is calm, there is no risk of anything,” he clarified.

The mayor presumed that the city, as a tourist destination, is safe, and quiet and there is no risk of anything for tourists or locals.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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