WARNING: Jellyfish season start early in Mazatlan


Aquatic Squad calls to be careful and respect the warnings and recommendations since the season will end in two months

MAZATLAN.- Although it hasn’t rained yet, the burner season has already started in Mazatlan; Last weekend, their presence was detected in at least four beach areas, reported Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, commander of the Aquatic Squad in Mazatlan.  

He said that during Friday and Saturday there was the presence of burners in Playa El Camarón and Playa Gaviotas, Isla de la Piedra and Pueblo Bonito, where two people were affected, who were treated by aquatic personnel and managed to stabilize them in the same place.  

The commander pointed out that this animal is a kind of blue bubble that is dragged from the sea by the wind to the shores of the beaches, and that when it makes contact with the skin it causes burns that can cause anything from temperatures to seizures, even more so in minors. 

“The recommendation in case of seeing this animal, or if they receive a sting, is to remove the burner to the outside and not drag it through the skin and quickly seek a lifeguard to remove the burning,” Espinoza Bastidas commented.  

Other recommendations are to abide by the instructions of the lifeguards, identify and locate the white flag that indicates the presence of burners and enter the sea only in safe areas.

The Mazatlan Post