Mayor and Mazatlan businessmen meet with Mexico General Consul Marcela Celorio in Los Angeles


The meeting took place in the city of Los Angeles, California, where the businessmen and the President of Mazatlan met with the Consul

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlan businessmen, as well as the Mayor of the port, visited the city of Los Angeles, California, where they met with the Consul General of Mexico, Marcela Celorio, for reasons both of the boxing match, as well as the promotion of Mazatlan as a tourist port.

Present at the meeting were the President of Concanaco Servytur México, Héctor Tejada Shaar, the businessman and Secretary General of Concanaco, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, and the President of Canaco Mazatlán, Roberto Lem González, in addition to being accompanied by the Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the Director of the Institute of Culture, José Ángel Tostado, Juan José Arellano Hernández from Grupo Ahre, Councilor Jesús Sandoval, Jorge Cueva “Mr. Tempo”, among other Mazatlan businessmen.

consul meeting

Through this rapprochement meeting with the Consul, ties continue to be strengthened for the tourist promotion of Mazatlan abroad, placing it as one of the most important tourist destinations in the country today.

consul meeting

In addition to this, an honorary appointment ceremony was held for Mazatlan Tourist Ambassador Jorge Cueva “Mr. Tempo”, in which the President of Concanaco, Héctor Tejada Shaar signed as a witness.

The businessmen and the Chemist also showed their full support for Mazatlan boxer Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramírez, who was victorious in the fight against Dominic Boesel.


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