Lifeguards arrive on time and rescue 7 bathers in Mazatlan


Mazatlan.- Thanks to a timely intervention, elements of the Municipal Police Aquatic Rescue Squad managed to rescue 7 tourists from the sea who were being dragged by return currents, in two different events this afternoon.

The first of the rescues was in Playa Camarón where two young people could not get out, without the help of municipal agents.

Alejandro “N” and Luis “N”, 18 and 15 years old respectively, are originally from Aguascalientes and only showed fatigue.

At another point, also in the golden zone, the municipal agents observed that 5 people were dragged into the sea by another return current, for which, with the support of the lifeguards from the neighboring hotels, they had an immediate reaction and managed to put safe Edgar Isaac (21 years old) from Monterrey; Álvaro (48) and Joel (18) from Guadalajara; Monica Alejandra (46) and Joselin (16) from Aguascalientes.


The Mazatlan Post