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Survey shows the taquerias with the most demand in the year, which you will surely like to know

MAZATLAN.- One of the tastes that Mazatlecos and tourists who visit this sun and beach destination enjoy the most, are tacos in all their varieties, which have a tasty and unique touch to the liking of the hundreds and thousands of diners who go to taco stands and specialized places of the city. 

Punto MX conducted a survey with people who come to Mazatlan for the most famous and popular taquerias in the city, the result of which was the top 5 of the most visited places on any day of the year and that delight people’s palates.  

Below, we present the list and location of these taquerias, which we are sure you will recognize more than one.  

Taquería Playa Sur 

With more than 20 years of experience, Tacos Playa Sur is a place located in the Playa Sur subdivision, on Carnaval Street, on the corner of Playa Chametla, which was considered by the people consulted among the best in the port. 

Without a doubt, over time it has become a popular place among Mazatlecos and is visited by national and foreign tourists. Business hours start at 6:00 p.m., many people wait to take a table and enjoy the tacos of Playa Sur.  

In this place, you can choose between roast beef tacos, tripe, nopal tortilla tacos, chorreadas, quesadillas, roasted potatoes, vampires, beans in broth with meat, nopal torillo taco, Playa Sur torito in flour or corn tortilla, with a chili in the middle full of meat, order carne asada or tripe. Here we leave you the phone number 6699-1036-51. 

Taqueria San Pablo  

Another of the most famous taquerias in the city is, without a doubt, San Pablo, which is recognized for two things: one, for its pastor tacos, and, two, for the creamy guacamole. It has three branches in Mazatlan: two on Rafael Buelna Avenue, one in front of Soriana, formerly called Mega, and the other next to an auto parts store, in front of the Plaza de Toros; the third, on Óscar Pérez Escobosa street, near the entrance of the Real del Valle subdivision.  

The tacos of said taqueria have the characteristic that they are made with meat with little fat, and it is cut into large pieces, as well as roasted potatoes, chorreadas, quesadillas, and vampires (vampiros). 

Here we leave you the telephone numbers in case you decide to order at home; 6699-52-11-50, 6699-52-10-59 and 6699-33-52-94, the hours of the three branches are from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.  

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Taquería Raymundo 

Located on Zaragoza Avenue, between Virgilio Uribe and 2nd Peñuelas streets, towards Paseo Claussen, it has been captivating the palate of the people of Mazatlan for more than 20 years with its wide variety of appetizers, and which can be eaten in the cart or in the store across the street, across the street.  

La Taquería Raymundo is one of the most visited by people, who mostly look for the criminal quesadilla, in addition to roast potatoes, bean tacos, chorreadas, and carne asada tacos. 

When visiting the tacos you can enjoy its varieties, sauces and express guacamole, it also has home delivery, by calling 6691-96-16-46. 

Taqueria ‘El Wicho’  

Tacos “El Wicho” has two branches, one in the Francisco Villa neighborhood and another in El Toreo. They have an exquisite variety of tacos, among which the roast beef, the tripe and the pastor stand out. Those who have tried them recommend them as a must-see place, many people go to the two branches, but the Toreo branch is the one with the greatest demand.  

In case you want to eat at home or pick up the order, these are the phone numbers in El Toreo: 6691-12-10-35, 6691-12-15-19 and 6691-61-69-95; while in Francisco Villa, you can call 6691-12-00-91 or 6694-41-31-04. 

So if you haven’t tried them, don’t stay with the craving. Home delivery starts at 6:30 p.m.  

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Taquería Pan Pin 

Los Tacos Pan Pin has two branches and is one of the most recognized by Mazatlan society, the headquarters is located on Avenida Insurgente, number 1118, in the Casa Banca subdivision, and another one in Alameda, passing the Guadalajara pharmacy. 

In addition to their roast beef tacos, they have quesadillas, tacos al pastor, chorreadas, potatoes with cheese, among other varieties, which are accompanied with their delicious sauces that are a tradition. 

The taquerias have home delivery starting at 7:00 p.m., on the phones 6699-83-25-77 and 6692-8608-48.

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What is your favorite Taqueria in Mazatlan?

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