Mazatlan protects its tourist: Pulmonia overcharges tourists 1,500 for a tour and ends up sanctioned by the city


The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlan, Rafael González Sánchez, mentioned that this Wednesday visitors will receive in their account the 1,500 pesos that they were charged for a tour of the city

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For abusive and overcharging 1,500 pesos to some tourists from San Luis Potosí who requested a ride through the city for an hour on one of the days of Holy Week, the sanction was placed on one of the drivers of public transportation in Mazatlan, reported Mario Rafael González Sánchez

Las pulmonías de Mazatlán - Hoteles, Casas y departamentos en Mazatlan
Mazatlan typical pulmonias

The delegate in Mazatlan of the Directorate of Roads and Transportation mentioned that for the act, the administrative sanction for the driver corresponded to the fact that he had to return the amount of the charge to the tourists, since the fees established per ride, should not exceed the 450 pesos per hour. 

“Anything, any complaint about a collection or something, please come to the modules, you have all the confidence in us to receive your complaint and give you an immediate response, in the case of the collection of San Luis Potosí, we fined today to the owner of the pulmonia, who is going to have to return the money and it is going to be deposited”.

“In Carnival, there was one that did the same for five thousand pesos and they also deposited the person, and that’s where we have all the work.”

Likewise, González Sánchez announced that within the four modules placed in the Golden Zone, Monument to the Fisherman, Valentinos, and Escudo by olas altas, various complaints and reports have been received, from route changes by twobus drivers, who were issued the sanction, in addition to drivers exceeding transfer charges of up to 200 pesos or who did not want to approach users. 

But also, the Road and Transportation official announced that the sanctions apply to users who misuse the units, as is the case of some tourists who took an Auriga as a “disco” and that the driver himself reported them to authorities so inspectors for violating transport safety regulations. 

He added that this operation will continue during the days of the International Motorcycle Week, although the use of public transport such as charioteers or pulmonías is less, since visitors come in their units, although he still extended the call for prudence and not to do pirouettes. on public roads; also to pedestrians, to look carefully when crossing a street or avenue to avoid an accident.


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