How about a delicious meal for less than 100 pesos? At Pino Suárez you can do it


Its gastronomic corridor is historical, from generation to generation they have not only inherited clients but until now, been the favorites of tourism.

MAZATLÁN.- The “José María Pino Suárez” municipal market is history, culture and tradition, but its gastronomic corridor is one that from generation to generation has inherited that particular seasoning, where you can get to eat with less than 100 pesos.

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes

There is something to choose from, both on the ground floor and on the upper floor, at least 10 do exist and they all have their own menu and variety, from breakfast to lunch; from the egg to the shellfish, a menudo? They also sell on Saturdays and Sundays and it is what they request the most.

You can enter through any door of the market, but its stairs are in the area of ​​handicrafts and souvenirs for tourists, and since you are on the first two steps, the smell of a pot of freshly cooked beans or some shrimp with mojo is already reaching you. of garlic.

And when we tell you that you can eat with less than 100 pesos, it is because it is true. On their walls or doors they have hung the menu, beef broths, fish broths, chicken a la plaza, marlin ranchero or in stew at 49.99 pesos; meatballs, mole and chicken in green sauce at 45.00 pesos; and a fried fish costs you 50.00 pesos.

“We like to eat here, every time we visit Mazatlan we choose a day to go up and eat in these restaurants, it’s delicious, it’s cheap and that makes it enough for you to visit more things,” said Martha Acosta, a visitor from Durango.

The seafood platter comes to 70.00 pesos, and if you add a soft drink, the complete meal with a drink could cost you between 85.00 or 90.00 pesos and if you see the ladies passing by who sell slices of flan for 10.00 pesos, you would have a complete meal in approximately 100.00 pesos.

Because yes, your main course is accompanied by dry soup, salad, rice or beans, there you choose, they offer you tortillas or toast depending on what you are going to eat, but beware, arrive early, because you may have to wait for a table is vacated, these days of vacation are the most requested for the taste and price.

What is characteristic is that, in a property that is more than 115 years old, you find gastronomic and cultural variety, since not only national tourism is the one who tastes its dishes, but also foreigners who come seasonally and even cruise ships.


The Mazatlan Post