Helicopter tour of Mazatlan? Here are all the details of this adventure


The station to board is between Paseo Atlántico and Óscar Pérez Escobosa avenues and you must call before to reserve your place.

MAZATLAN. – A new attraction is added to Mazatlan on these vacations, how about a helicopter ride? Just as you read it, these days you will have the opportunity to do so.  

The departure point is between Paseo Atlántico and Óscar Pérez Escobosa avenues, on a vacant lot that has been adapted for two helicopters, which will have departures depending on the appointments they make.  

The routes 

These will depend on the weather and not on the areas where you walk, there will be two types of routes: 

15 minutes, which will cost approximately 3 thousand pesos.

For 30 minutes, its cost will be around 6 thousand pesos.

In both tours, the number of passengers will be limited to three people only.  

Commonly, the tours are based, above all, on the beach areas, the hotels, the boardwalk and are carried out during these vacation times.  

Outside of these, reservations are more private and, according to company information, you can hire them for romantic, family tours and even to reveal the sex of a future baby. You just have to call 669 106 0298.  

Do not forget that you must follow the pilot’s recommendations at all times, for example, take a seat, fasten your seatbelt, put on your headphones and bring the microphone as close to your lips as possible.

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