Guide to book and enjoy your Easter vacations in Mazatlan


There are platforms that give you everything within reach of a click, from accommodation, flight, transportation and even tourist attractions, saving you a lot of time.

MAZATLAN. – Easter is approaching and if you still haven’t had time to make a reservation, whether in Mazatlan or elsewhere, we have a basic guide or suggestions on where to find from a hotel to transportation so you can enjoy your vacation.  

It is always important, especially in high season, to secure a place to sleep, and thanks to technology, platforms have emerged that help us facilitate the task of getting everything in one place.  

Expedia, Trivago, Best Day or Booking 

These pages took a boom for some 10 years here, precisely because of the ease of the hotel list that shows you the prices per night, especially when you are looking for the exact dates of your vacation period.  

They are all similar but different at the same time, some only give you the accommodation options and the availability of rooms; their prices vary a lot, depending on the seasons, many rooms can be from 900 to 4 thousand or 5 thousand a night.  

On these platforms it is customary to offer packages that offer the “All inclusive” (All inclusive) or only breakfast, they sell you amenities such as the pool, spa, bars and restaurants; there are other more complete ones, which offer from the flight to extra tourist attractions of the place.  

Eye, remember that the reservation is always with time, why? Because prices change according to the increase in demand, and if a week ago you saw a price per night in a 5-star hotel, possibly for the next week it will no longer be the same.  

The first thing you will do, already as a guide after this introduction, will be, create your profile and the next, enter your destination, the dates of stay and the number of people traveling.  

They will send you a list of hotels, many bring discounts, look for one that is attached to your needs and tastes, it can be in the busiest area, one that is further away or one that is more historic.  

As an extra fact, many launch a map with the cost of the rooms, this can help you depending on the budget you are managing.  

The next thing is to book. So we leave you the links

What is needed to reserve? 

Many of these pages ask you to create a profile, so your next access will be much easier, they ask for the number of travelers, which can be from 1 to the whole family or a group of friends. 

When you only go with your partner they ask you for the name of the companion to put together the registration and obviously a debit or credit card.  

If mistrust is your thing, go to a travel agency physically or book directly with the hotel, it may even be cheaper for you.

Did someone say flights or bus?  

This is the most important thing when you are looking to travel, you must ensure that your flights or tickets coincide with the stay, they are also purchased with time, you will not want to be delayed because you did not find and you have already made the reservation, that is why these platforms came and revolutionized, because they automatically find the availability of the flight or bus.  

Their prices are very varied, the flight, it is known that the closer the date is, the more expensive it is, a bus does not, they usually maintain their rates all year; Be careful, also check the connectivity, and the hours you could lose if there are long scales or transfers.

What about the Airbnb 

This is a practically new platform, it arrived in Mexico recently and it works differently from the previous ones, the idea is to approach apartments and houses that are for rent, where you only spend lodging.  

There are to share, there are individual. Their prices are even cheaper. Here what you would have to do is as if you arrived home, buy a pantry for the days you will stay and cook, are you willing?  

Book even your place to eat and your visit to the attractions  

My advice is that your planning is well prepared and that you do not stand in line waiting to eat at the trendy restaurant, perhaps, by the time they give you access you will already be hungry, and that really kills a good day of vacation.  

Social networks brought us even closer to the community, just look for the name of the restaurant and in its profile, its phone comes, call and seek to secure your table. Here, set a budget will depend on the place, you will spend from 100.00 to 300.00 pesos per person.  

The important thing is that you enjoy, rest from the godin hours and get to know every corner of your place to vacation. Luck! 

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