Meet the 5 motorcycle models that most visit Mazatlan


The arrival of motorcyclists in recent years has become an important economic benefit for the port and this year, it is believed, will not be the exception

MAZATLÁN.- The 26th edition of the International Motorcycle Week 2022 is already fine-tuning its last details to take place in Mazatlán, from April 20 to 24, in which different styles of motorcycles are expected to arrive from different parts of Mexico and from abroad.  

For five days, the city will be full of different styles of motorcycles, which will shine along the boardwalk, and like every year, they will be the delight of locals and foreigners who will enjoy looking at the endless rows of impressive steel horses. . 

Next, we present the five types of motorcycle models that can be seen during this great festival of “bikers”.  

The preference and riding style can be chosen in a sports or travel bike, if you are interested in looking for comfort in them for long trips, regardless of the type of motorcycle you choose. 

All lovers of “steel horses”, whenever they drive a motorcycle, they must take preventive measures such as wearing a safety helmet and respecting the speed limits.  

Five types of motorcycles 

Motorcycle cruiser  

The style of the cruiser motorcycle became popular during the 1930s in the United States, it became one of the favorites of the bikers who visited the port. 

Motorcycling enthusiasts often think of the cruiser bike when they are looking for an extremely small and vintage style.  

The driving position in the cruiser allows you to put your feet forward and your hands up, the spine can be positioned or tilted back a little, usually, cruisers emphasize driving and shifting.  

Although cruises do not usually have much starting, they are special for a good trip. One of the most recognized brands of these models is Harley-Davidson.  

Sport motorcycle  

Sport bikes are built for high speeds and precise handling, often seen zipping across the long width of the harbor during the most motorized week in the entire country. These are built for rugged performance. 

There is greater reach when maneuvering as well as wider when placing the legs closer to the body to set the foot higher, giving you a higher lean angle available. 

Japanese and European manufacturers are the ones that make the most of these designs, which should be used by experts and not by novices due to their high speed.  


If you like to travel long distances on the road, the best touring motorcycle is undoubtedly the Touring motorcycle, which is large and robust, they are made for a long duration in driving, it has ample storage with removable bags for all the luggage. 

This bike is upright and includes a relaxed upright seating environment and also passenger spaces, some providers of this classification are including automatic transmissions, cruise control as well as heated seats.  

One of the best brands of these styles is the Honda Goldwing, although there are other manufacturers on the market. It is important to remember that these motorcycles can be a bit expensive due to all their functions.  


A special motorcycle to enter everywhere is the Motocross motorcycle, which is built for the rigors of rugged trails, these crosses are lighter and can be handled in sand, gravel, rivers, mud, and even in the snow.  

Bumpy tires, high suspension, and a sturdy frame with minimal fairings typically don’t use turn signals. It is worth mentioning that this type of motorcycle in some parts of the country are not allowed to roll on the road, but in Mazatlan, you can see a lot of them.  

Cafe Racer / Scrambler 

If you are a lover of the combination of speed and classic style, the Cafe racer is an ideal design for you, it is a mix between conventional seating arrangements, form over function, and retro engine configurations. 

These are original versions, there are other modified versions, adjustments can be made to these bikes such as removing fenders and fairing.  

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