Mazatlan will take its gastronomy to all corners of Mexico


Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez was re-elected as president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods of Mazatlán for the third time.

MAZATLAN. – Without a doubt, one of the greatest attractions that Mazatlan has is its gastronomy, its ceviches, aguachiles, cocktails, shaken fish, bbq, and others, they go around the world and it is through it that they seek to promote the destination in other cities of Mexico.  

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Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods of Mazatlan, explained that the idea with these gastronomic samples is to leave a bit of the port in them and that the cities that are visited are left wanting the destination.  

“They are gastronomic samples here in Mazatlán, another in Ecatepec and another in Durango and if possible, go to Guadalajara and everything is in promotion of Mazatlán,” he declared.  

And who doesn’t want more when they eat an aguachile tostada or have a Mexican-style marlin for breakfast, accompanied by beans and a piece of fresh cheese, or at noon, a tostada made from the same marlin, but pickled.  

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The same Mazatlecos who go to other cities to live know it, they have even taken advantage of their love for the port and gastronomy that they have started businesses in honor of their homeland, with ceviches that carry all the “patasalada” flavor of saw or crab, even with callus if it is in season.  

For this reason, Becerra Rodríguez pointed out that these samples will tour the country, in the city that allows them and that, in these same cities, they will be used to train restaurant staff, improve service and update themselves to remain a cutting-edge destination.  

“Above all, it is promoting what the destination is, obviously we need a lot of training, although there is a lot of gastronomy in Mazatlan, we need a lot of training in the service and these are things that we are going to plan,” he said.  

He was re-elected for the third time 

The Canirac Mazatlán held its elections for the change of board of directors, unopposed the businessman Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez was proposed as president, who was approved and who is going for his third leadership within the restaurateurs.  

“We are also participating in the organization committee of the beach operator, in the municipal Security committee, in the citizen council for the development plan, in the Aquarium committee, we have a lot to contribute,” he commented.  

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