Mazatlan rolls out the red carpet for National Assembly of Hotels conference


For more than 25 years, Mazatlán had not been the venue for this event that brings together 99 hotel associations from all over the country, said José Ramón Manguart, president of the “Tres Islas” hotel association.

MAZATLAN. – It is a fact! The National Assembly of the Mexican Association of Hotels will be in “the Pearl of the Pacific” and the hosts will throw the house out the window in the organization, which is estimated for November.

The president of the “Tres Islas” Hotel Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, mentioned that around 99 associations attend the assemblies, but the one that will be in Mazatlan will have a special touch, because, in addition to the regular assembly, they will have elections again. president and the 100 years of the association will be celebrated.  

“It has been about 25 years since it was done in Mazatlan, because these circumstances arose, we raised our hands and it was granted to us. In the next meeting, which will be in Oaxaca, the date of the headquarters in Mazatlán will be defined and the idea is that they see the potential, the changes and the investment niche that we have, ”he declared.  

What is discussed in these assemblies?  

Manguart Sánchez explained that the needs and problems that the sector faces in each of its destinations are listed among the associations, the challenges and improvement strategies are shared, because, although they compete with each other, in the end the result is reflected in how they put the country in the ranking of most visited countries.  

“There is always a work agenda that is aimed at regulatory issues, specifically, related to vacation rentals, which is already a national issue that is clear and the importance of the famous promotion funds of each state that We are looking at how to be able to specify so that the promotions are reactivated,” he said.  

The idea, with respect to these promotional funds, and that in the particular case of Mazatlan, they work with the authorities, is that the flow of tourists be noticed throughout the year, both in high seasons, but mainly in low seasons.  

In addition, with this same fund, it is invested in specific segments, not only conventional tourism, but also Congress and Convention tourism, which since 2019 has not been able to recover due to the Covid-19 pandemic, above all, from the health area, who had congresses every weekend in all their branches.  


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