The Inn at Mazatlán Muralism Trilogy, by Sergio Ramírez


The Sapphire of the Pacific is the main mural and it is featured on the facade of The Inn At Mazatlan Hotel. It is inspired by the marine fauna of Mazatlan, and of course, dolphins, the most representative species of the port.

The artist hand-painted three dolphins coming out of the sea; through the painting, you can see how the waves break with impressive realism.

The artist considers this work, his masterpiece, the best of his career due to the challenge he faced during the process, the mural was painted on a totally irregular surface, 16-story high, about 45 meters (150 feet) high, and under the scorching Mazatlan Summer sun.

Life by Sergio Ramírez


The second mural is called “Life”, and is located inside this famous hotel. The mural is inspired by the Monument to the Continuity of Life in Mazatlan, by the artist Jiménez Corona, better known as “The Fountain of the Dolphins”, which is located on Paseo Claussen, next to the Clavadista.

It is a work that extols the sunsets that embrace the port, but with a more lively version, with striking colors and a different perspective of our beautiful landscape. The idea is to present to the world the magnificent and unique sunsets, that make both locals and visitors, fall in love with Mazatlan every day.

The mural has a height of 12 meters (40 ft) by 8 meters (26ft) wide.

TOTORAME by Sergio Ramírez


The trilogy of murals ends with this special third mural, named “Totorame”.

It is inspired by the monument to the Diver and has a sunset in the background, the difference between the second and third murals is the color of the landscape, while in “Life” the mural depicts orange colors merging with purple, in “Totorame” a different palette of more subtle colors reveals the eye as if witnessing the exact moment when the sun is about to hide on the horizon.

Why the name Totorame?

This work also pays homage to the Totorame indigenous ethnic group that settled in the south region of the State of Sinaloa.

The purpose of the mural is to remind those who inhabit these lands not to forget their origins.

Muralist Sergio Ramírez, originally from the south of Sinaloa, has been living in the United States for more than 15 years, where he has collaborated with brands such as Gucci, Under Armor, Hugo Boss, Tag Heuer, NY Yankees, LA Lakers among others in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and New York.

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