How did Mazatlan Carnival 2022 benefit?


MAZATLAN.- A preliminary economic spill of more than 750 million pesos, a hotel occupancy of 96 percent, and a total of 863 thousand 912 visitors was part of the benefits left by the International Carnival of Mazatlan 2022: “Lanao, the journey continues.” 

The director of the Ministry of Development, Tourism and Fisheries, Ricardo Velarde, reported that the party was a success since in 2020 only 666 million pesos were raised and this year it is estimated that it will exceed 800 million pesos.  

“It was due to the coordination of the different sectors of Mazatlan that we had this result,” he said. 

The total economic benefit is divided as follows: 

⁃ Consumption in the city: 432 million  

⁃ Accommodation: 172 million  

⁃ Restaurants and entertainment: 146 million  

Photos: Rosina Grave

Clubs and bars increased their profits by 40 percent more, while restaurants had an increase in sales of 23/30 percent. 

In addition to the spill left by the maximum Buenos Aires party, during those days 3 cruise ships arrived at the port with around 5 thousand 053 passengers who left in the port an economy spill of 7 million pesos. 

Here is a list of results

Public services: garbage  

Between the coronation events and the two Carnival parades, a total of 52 tons of garbage were collected. 

Public security: 

According to Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the balance was “white”; 285 people were arrested for different reasons, including disturbing public order and for carrying knives.  

In addition, 13 medical attentions were received and the recovery of 5 missing minors. 


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