One must take care of Mazatlan historic center to maintain its value


Mazatlan businessman pointed out that the tourist infrastructure must be improved, but also, adopt public spaces and better train those involved in the sector to be more competitive.

We must take great care of the destination and give value to the Historic Center, asks Guzmán Reynaud 

Plazuela Machado es de las mas antiguas de Mazatlán,

MAZATLAN. – To be more competitive as a tourist destination worldwide, it is necessary to improve the hotel, restaurant and attraction infrastructure, in addition to improving the quality of service and specializing it, suggested businessman Amado Guzmán Reynaud.  

He mentioned that one of the things that has to be regulated and not only sanctioned at times, is noise pollution, in addition to having more specialized and constantly trained personnel, but above all, giving value to the differentiators, which in the case of “the Pearl of the Pacific” is its Historic Center.  

Alternativas para recorrer el Centro Histórico de Mazatlán

“We have to look for a vocation and prepare ourselves, we have to have a school to prepare waiters, captains, restaurants, food and beverages, transportation, we need to be much more cordial with those who visit us and improve a lot… the competition does not it is in Mazatlan, it is in the world and in Mexico,” he declared. 

Guzmán Reynaud pointed out that everyone in Mazatlan lives directly or indirectly from tourism, therefore rescuing the areas and raising the value of the Historic Center is essential.

Conociendo Mazatlán

How? Adopting streets between businessmen and citizens, fixing potholes, planting trees, renovating mansions, among other things.  

For the businessman, the Historic Center of Mazatlan is the main attraction to attract quality tourism.

Why? Because other beach destinations do not have something similar or similar, being the perfect opportunity to improve that differentiator.  


It is the jewel that differentiates us from the others, we have to take care of it, we have to put more plants, we have to fix potholes, we have to paint graffiti, renovate mansions, put in galleries, jewelry stores, the Historic Center, which is the essence of the city ​​to live again,” he said.  

The owner of the Red Petroil company added that for 4 years he adopted Ángel Flores street, to which he invested in painting and continuous improvement of landscaping, managing to renew it as one of the most visited streets in the center, serving as a setting for hundreds of photographs.  

Encuentra en el Centro Histórico de Mazatlán nuestra Quinta Esencia  Tropical-

He recently adopted the Paseo del Centenario and commented that they are already working on the restoration of some damaged areas, cleaning, they are also planting palm trees and bougainvilleas that will change its face, in addition, they will install signage so that they respect the area.  

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