Mazatlan already has reservations for Motorcycle Week and Easter


Beach hotels do not depend just on Carnival, to maintain occupancy

Although the carnival constitutes an income opportunity for the hotels that are located on the strip of the boardwalk, for the beach hotels that also represent a different level of quality, with or without carnival they maintain a level of occupancy with foreign tourism that comes for high season.

This was commented by the Director of Marketing of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, José Gámez Valle, who, unlike what was declared by the secretary of CONCANACO, Guillermo Romero, who said that reservations fell on the weekend in 15% commented that in reality people barely started to make reservations when they saw that there would be a party.

He said that in the case of the hotels that this association brings together, they have occupancy for the lodging of the artists and other people who come to the carnival, but surely today people will continue to reserve, although they already have 70% tied up in rooms, while that for Easter and motorcycle week, there is already an almost equal figure.

He estimated that the economic spill that the carnival will leave only in hotels, will be more than 90 million pesos, to which must be added the consumption in restaurants, bars, and public transport that could be another 27 million pesos more.


The Mazatlan Post