VIDEO: Spectacular! Orcas greets fishermen on Sinaloa’s Farallón Island


The so-called “Killer Whales” delighted people by chasing the boat and giving one of the greatest shows in the animal world.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – Spectacular! sports fishermen out by Farallón Island will never forget the moment, when they were able to witness a killer whale up close, which was following said boat at full speed.

Through social networks, the people who were traveling onboard the ship captured the spectacular moment where an orca jumped out of the water to follow the boat.

Every time the so-called “Killer Whale” jumped out of the water, they were amazed, witnessing one of the greatest shows in the animal world.

The boat headed back to the Port of Topolobampo, the orca no longer wanted to continue with the journey, but people will never forget this unique moment.

It is worth mentioning that these animals have been seen in that area, where they have also followed small or large boats , where they come out to greet the fishermen.

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