These are the covid measures that will be adopted for the Mazatlan Carnival 2022


Governor Rubén Rocha Moya calls on those who attend the maximum party of the port to respect the hygiene protocols that were agreed.

After confirming this Friday afternoon that the Mazatlan International Carnival will be held from February 24 to March 1, the state government reported that there will be a limit on capacity and sanitary measures will be adopted to try to inhibit the spread of COVID -19 .

Regarding the approved capacity, a maximum of 500 people can enter the events that take place at the Ángela Peralta Theater; at the Teodoro Mariscal baseball stadium, 20 thousand; the parade of allegorical cars that takes place along the boardwalk can be distributed up to 237 thousand people, the same as for the pyrotechnics show of the Naval Combat.

In the carnival zone of Olas Altas the maximum will be 40 thousand people; at the Carnival Fair, 7 thousand; Plazuela Machado, 3,000, and Plazuela de Los Leones, 1,000 people.

In all events and venues of the maximum party of the town, the use of the mask is mandatory, respecting the healthy distance of one and a half meters, there will be temperature control, antibacterial gel and sanitizing booths.

Through his social networks, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya called on those who attend the Mazatlán International Carnival to respect the sanitary measures that have been agreed upon.

“The edition of the Mazatlán Carnival 2022 will be carried out with strict health protocols and the reduction of capacity to 70 percent. Health authorities will be in close coordination to ensure that they are applied, “he said in a first message.

“We invite you to follow them to take care of the health of those who attend this international event,” he added.

The Mazatlan International Carnival 2022 “Lanao, the journey continues”, will take place from Thursday, February 24 to Tuesday, March 1.


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