Mazatlan’s Lions Club reaches out to the visually impaired


They undertake a permanent campaign with the aim of providing low-cost glasses to people with limited economic resources.

MAZATLÁN.- With the clear objective of supporting low-income people, the Mazatlán Lions Club started the campaign that will be permanent to review the issue of visual health, said Urbano Humberto Ibarra Rodríguez, coordinator of the Health Area Committee Visual. 

He explained that before it was a single day that took place twice a year, lasting one week, but they decided to make it permanent so that people can attend any day of the week or year. 

Photo: Christian Bernal

Ibarra Rodríguez pointed out that the cost of the glasses is symbolic, for recovery, the idea is that the patient does not feel that they are being given away and it is a campaign that is made somewhat special, especially for the hotel sector. 

“We have the agreement for the acquisition of the lenses with the Optavisión clinic, which helps us to help in a total and selfless way; for example, if they charge a thousand pesos for the consultation, they charge us 400 pesos for the patient we send them with a complete study”, he expressed. 

Photos: Christian Bernal

He added that another of the days that they carry out altruistically is the day of hearing aids, which takes place about three times a year. 

“This day consists of helping the people, that is our objective, it is the reason for being in th lions, an audiometry test is applied and then and a new hearing aid is delivered that normally costs 20 thousand pesos, it is delivered to them for 3 thousand 500 pesos ”, he added. 

Finally, he stated that this is the mission of the Lions, to help the people who have less throughout the year. 


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