Mazatlan Mayor alive and well after fake news about his death reported


The dissemination of a “note” in which it was announced that the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres had lost his life in a car accident that occurred in Villa Unión, was denied by the Mazatlán City Council.

Through social networks, he condemned the disclosure of the alleged note attributed to the Noroeste and Riodoce newspaper.

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“The government of Mazatlán officially reports that this false information is circulating on networks. We condemn the actions of those who anonymously cause confusion and seek to disrupt order in this municipality, “he posted on Facebook.

For its part, the newspaper distanced itself from the publication in which its image and the photograph of the mayor were used.

The Social Communication area of ​​the municipal government reiterated that it is apocryphal information.

“We report that someone has maliciously uploaded false information about the president of Mazatlán. We officially made it clear that he and his family are in his home and are in full health. We believe that perverse minds have used the image of Northwest and the name of the president to generate confusion among the population,” said the head of the area, Sergio Rubio.

After a false note circulated on WhatsApp, attributed to this medium, in which it is said that the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, “suffered” an accident, the “The Mayor” reported through a video that he is well.

In the note that was not published by Ríodoce, the logo of this weekly was used to report that the Municipal President had died in the alleged accident.

To clarify the alleged note, Benítez Torres made a short video in which he reports that he is fine.

“Inform you that I am working, we are doing well and good. For my detractors who today thought of killing me on social networks, telling them that “God does not fulfill cravings”, get to work better, instead of hurting people by misinforming them,” he published.

The Mazatlan Post