“They do not know what it costs to travel,” says the mayor of Mazatlan in the face of criticism for expensive trips


The mayor of Mazatlan’s trip to Guanajuato cost 110,000 pesos, a figure that the municipe said was laughable, given the

Sinaloa.- Faced with the questioning of the cost of the trip to Guanajuato, the mayor said that it is a figure that makes him laugh. “We go as a group of 10 people, not even in a private car is it cheaper. I don’t know if it’s false, but if they haven’t traveled, they don’t know what it costs to travel it makes me laugh, “said Luis Guillermo Benítez.

The mayor traveled in his own car and not in the City Hall’s, in order to lower costs. He added that the resource is well spent because it will bring benefits to Mazatlan. The mayor visited the city of León from January 19 to 21. This cost the commune 110 thousand pesos, according to data from the City Council’s January public account.

On that trip, the mayor was accompanied by the director of the Institute of Culture, José Ángel Tostado Quevedo; the head of the Sedectur, Ricardo Velarde; Astrid Macías, from Capta, and the director of Public Relations, Jazmín Miñón Félix, among other collaborators

Benítez announced that exchange projects were brought, such as the one in which Mazatlán and Guanajuato will join efforts to create an economic and cultural corridor, which includes this beach destination and the cities of León, Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, and San Miguel Allende.

Source: debate.com.mx

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