Mazatlan public works report intense Road Campaign


*Increased to 25 cubic meters per day

*Budget of 4 million pesos

The director of Public Works of Mazatlan, Luis Gerardo Núñez, reports that they have intensified a daily “pothole” program in streets throughout the city and that they have a budget of at least four million pesos. He recalled that an average of 15 cubic meters per day was potholed and now we walk on 25 meters.

He said that in addition to an increase in the budget, they also joined two new crews; “We are working very hard, like never before,” emphasized the municipal official. He recognized that Mazatlan is very large, with many streets to rehabilitate.

The head of Public Works pointed out that special treatment is given to the Historic Center, because it is part of the good image of the city. They even work replacing porphyry stone in streets such as Belisario Domínguez and Benito Juárez because the trucks that are heavy units pass through there.

Luis Gerardo Núñez said that it is a question of making a quality patch that does not last only a week, but at least up to eight months. He explained that a place where there is water or runoff will always be a problem for the asphalt to grip due to humidity.


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