This week it will rain in Sinaloa! In addition, a new winter storm will bring very low temperatures


Get ready for a very cold start to February, with rains, strong winds and a high forecast of snowfall or sleet in mountain areas; things will get intense from Tuesday, be warned!

Sinaloa.- Conditions of intense cold, but in addition to rains, are forecast for this week in SinaloaIn its extended forecast notice, the National Weather Service forecasts that rainfall will reach up to 50 millimeters in the entity. 

These conditions will be present in a general way in the entity, because, as of Tuesday afternoon, a new cold front and its polar air mass in interaction with a polar trough and a pulse of the subtropical jet stream could give origin of a winter storm.

This will cause a very cold environment, rains, and strong winds with dust storms over the northwest and north of the national territory, as well as snow and sleet in the mountains of Sonora, Chihuahua, and Durango, conditions that will extend during the early hours of Thursday to the northeast of the country, with possible snowfall and sleet in the mountains of Coahuila and Nuevo León. 

The rains in Sinaloa are expected for next Wednesday, with accumulations of up to 50 millimeters, and the early morning temperatures for that day will range between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius.

The service highlights the weather conditions that will prevail in Sinaloa from February 1 to 12, 2022: 

In the weather chart it stands out that the minimum temperatures will remain between 7 and 11 degrees; the highs will range between 18 and 28 degrees, with rain on Wednesday and gusty winds for the next 12 days, so take precautions and avoid sudden changes in temperature. 

The new winter storm of the season (possible 5) will arrive to drastically lower temperatures constantly, so taking precautions in advance helps you avoid health problems or effects due to the rains that could occur. 

Remember that on the last day of 2021, intense rain surprised the people of Sinaloa in the north and center, and significant floods were recorded, but it also caused respiratory diseases, so do not be overconfident.

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