La Noria Tamal fair is a great success, sells over 4,800 tamales


La Noria succeeds, manages to sell more than 4 thousand sweet and salty tamales, prior to Candlemas Day; next year they hope to exceed the figure-

MAZATLÁN.- La Noria surprises us every time with a variety of activities and it succeeded, delighting us with its third Tamal Fair, which commemorates Candlemas Day, on February 2nd.  

The square was the meeting place, locals, national and even international tourists, lined up at each tamale stand to choose their favorites, there was everything, from sweet pineapple, corn, and even strawberry; the salty, pork, chicken and shrimp and, typical of the area, the famous red ones.  

Marisol Lizárraga Lizárraga, president of the La Noria Committee, mentioned that year after year they outdo themselves, the fame of the fair has grown by word of mouth and can be seen even with the people sitting on the sidewalks with their tamale in the hand. 

“We are impressed that people have eaten standing up, there were many foreigners, everyone left with a great taste in their mouths, we see that the seasoning of the cuisine of the inhabitants of La Noria and nearby communities has fulfilled”, she declared.  

And it is that since you go down the road, vehicle after vehicle went to and from the Pueblo Señorial, caravans of cyclists, motorcycles, and when they arrived, parking opportunities were scarce, so there was an influx in the fair and its surroundings.  

“This pushes us to be better the following year and we are talking about the fact that if this year more than 4 thousand tamales were sold, next year we will go for 5 thousand, because not only those from the square joined, houses on the road as well, that was what we wanted”, commented Lizárraga Lizárraga.  

Its price was no more than 25 pesos per tamale, and the bonus that other houses offered was to serve you pork beans with the tamales; After 1:00 p.m. no one had tamales for sale on the Plazuela.  

In addition, they took the opportunity to sell stew tacos, roast meat, and chicken, handicrafts, and desserts such as preserved papaya, cajeta, and slices of cake, ensuring that no visitor was left empty-handed from the variety of food that was available. 


The Mazatlan Post