Public transport drivers continue to be fined in Mazatlan


Vialidad y Transportes applied 735 fines for not respecting the capacity allowed current covid protocols.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- From November to date, the direction of Roads and Transportation Mazatlan delegation has issued a total of 626 tickets with 735 infractions to public transport units.

The collection during this period has been 473 thousand 730 pesos, informed the delegate Mario González; The main infraction is the breach of health protocols by Covid-19.

In November, 212 ballots were raised with 277 infractions and there was a collection of 152 thousand 981 pesos; in December, 276 ballots were made with 375 infractions and a collection of 217 thousand 238 pesos; and so far in January, 138 ballots have been raised with 183 and a collection of 103 thousand 511 pesos.

“We are talking about public transport, on the part of urban buses the most recurrent is that they exceed the number of people within the unit, we are talking to them, but unfortunately the fines are not palliative so that they stop doing it, “he said.

He added that the maximum capacity of the trucks is 60% of their capacity, in the aurigas only six passengers can go, and in the pulmonias four, as long as it has mica or insulating glass.

Excessive charges, driving at excessive speed, mistreatment, or making room in prohibited places, are other reasons for the infractions.

He mentioned that on the Facebook page, DVyT Delegación Vialidad y Transportes Mazatlán, the user can make their report or complaint, also on WhatsApp 6695336313 sending evidence such as photos, video and unit number.

From November to date, the delegation has collected about 473 thousand 739 pesos; The most frequent infraction is the omission of the sanitary protocols.


The Mazatlan Post