Omicron affects restaurants in Mazatlan


Rodrigo Becerra, president of Canirac, maintained that since the first weeks they fell drastically due to the rebound in infections

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods, Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez, stated that they closed 2021 with very good sales, however, this 2022, from the first weeks they fell drastically due to the rebound in infections by Covid 19 with the new strain called Ómicron.

“We closed the year very well, with a lot of sales. We were fortunate that the Ómicron did not arrive until after the new year, however, in the first weeks of January we had very strong sales,” he reported.

The restaurant leader acknowledged that this drop was due to the presence of the fourth wave of infections and not so much because people were scared to go out as they were with the Delta variant, but because many people fell ill, both from the restaurant staff, as of the population of the port.

Sales fall this month in the restaurant sector by Ómicron

Rodrigo Becerra, assured that not only the prices of the products of the basic basket have increased, but in general, above all, those imported such as fuels, among others.

“That affects a lot in that margins are reduced a lot and the restaurateur, in order to survive, has to raise his prices and that obviously affects the diner and the restaurateur in the stock market because it is more difficult to sell with higher prices and that makes that the economy slows down a bit,” he explained.

Regarding the rise in infections of this fourth wave, he said he had great faith that, just as they accelerated and many people fell ill, fortunately with mild symptoms, they will quickly heal and this wave will go through what he predicted a very good 2022.

“In particular Mazatlan because it is going through a stage of economic growth and popularity within the country’s tourist destinations, because it is on everyone’s lips and I believe that good years are coming for Mazatlan starting with this 2022”, he concluded.


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