A first for Mexico, Mazatlan may have cruise ships stay overnight


The Ministry of Tourism reported that possibly the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association could have its annual meeting in Mazatlan for the month of October.

MAZATLAN. – One of the great dreams of Mazatlán, especially in the tourism sector, is the overnight stay of cruise ships, that is, that one of these ships stays at least one night in port, managing to raise the economy with this tourist segment and itself and Mazatlan as a destination.

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That is why the Ministry of Tourism is looking for a way for the annual meeting of the Florida and Caribbean Cruise Association to be in Mazatlan, to fall in love with it, and to get these ships to stay overnight.  

This meeting could take place in October and allows the commercial partners of this association to be here for a couple of days, analyzing and learning what each host destination offers for their passengers.

“We have always sought that they can spend the night (in Mazatlan), Michel Paige told us that he was very pleased that in Sinaloa we have always been very receptive to all the comments they have towards us and that we have been making progress to reach this goal ” declared Juan José Ruíz González, director of Special Projects of the Sectur. 

Why is an overnight cruise so important? 

It is well known that this type of tourism leaves, in at least a few hours, a great economic spill, there is talk of millions of pesos, both in Mazatlán and in Topolobampo, that is, with one night that it stays, they would be generating twice as much It pours it out, on a common afternoon, benefiting restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and even the Ángela Peralta Theater. 

Teatro Ángela Peralta de Mazatlán Sinaloa.

The Secretary of Tourism, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, in a previous meeting asked Michelle Paige, president of the FCCA, to hold the next meeting of the international event in this port. The FCCA has among its members all the cruise lines that arrive at Sinaloa ports.  

In the virtual meeting, they talked about all the good that has been done in Mazatlan and Sinaloa to increase the number of cruise ship arrivals, in addition, among other issues, it was proposed to extend the cruise seasons to receive ships even in summer, not only in the winter season. 

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January has 5 more cruise arrivals left 

Mazatlan started the year well in the arrival of cruise ships and for the end of the month, there are still five more arrivals left, for this Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 26, the Majestic of the Princess Cruise line will arrive; for Wednesday 19 and Wednesday 26, the Panorama, of the Carnival Cruise line, will arrive; while on Thursday the 20th, the Navigator, from the Royal Caribbean line, will arrive. 

Source: debate.com.mx, punto.mx

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