Are financial requirements to obtain Residency in Mexico going up drastically in 2022?


By Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL

There has been a lot of talks lately about the financial solvency requirements for residency going up drastically in 2022. This along with people facing immigration issues getting 180-day tourist permits has left people flooding Mexican consulates to apply for residency. People are facing increased issues getting appointments at Mexican Consulates and some even are booked solid for several months. There is also confusion as to what financial requirements they must meet because they sometimes vary from consulate to consulate.


On another note, some popular Mexico Blogs have implied that the financial solvency requirements have gone down from past years due to the adoption of a new formula. Actually, I did a previous video explaining this new formula and how it works. This has caused a lot of confusion.

So which one is it? Are they going up or are they going down? It all comes down to my famous answer of “It Depends”. Today, I am going to try to sort through this confusion and answer this question as best I can because truth is that there is no black and white answer. I am also going to try to dispel some misconceptions people may have about the financial solvency requirements here in Mexico.

UMA Formula Explained:

How to obtain Temporary Residency in Mexico:

How to obtain Permanent Residency in Mexico:

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