Sinaloa surpasses itself, increases employment during 2021


This, according to the Council for Economic Development of Sinaloa, places it in the “top ten” at the national level with the highest relative growth in the generation of jobs.

MAZATLAN. – In Sinaloa, we are competitive workers and despite adversities such as the pandemic, we raised the caste, as it was demonstrated during 2021, where an increase of 18 thousand jobs was registered more than in 2020, thus achieving, being in the “ top ten ”of the cities with the highest relative growth in sources of employment. 

According to the Council for the Economic Development of Sinaloa, during the past year, companies registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security a monthly average of 576 thousand 812 workers, which compared to 2020, increased 18 thousand 701, representing 3.4 percent.  

“Sinaloa, in 2021, is located in Rankin by federal entity, as the ninth entity with the highest relative growth in the generation of job sources,” the statement said. 

And even with this pandemic, which has hit so much in the economy, the growth since 2010 in Sinaloa is significant. With data from this council, 2010 closed with 395 thousand 35 new jobs, as of that year, the job increases were at least 100 thousand new ones more consecutively until the end of 2021. 

It was in 2016 when 500 thousand 138 new jobs were generated, leaving aside the 400 thousand that they managed for 6 years, estimating that, perhaps, by 2022 another 100,000 new jobs will be generated, reaching 600 thousand.  

What sectors have generated the most?  

According to the Codesin report, the primary sector stands out as the main generator of new sources of work, with 7,413 jobs, followed by the industrial sector with 7,160 new jobs; trade and services were the least relevant.  

Of all these new jobs created, around 72 percent corresponded to permanent and formal jobs with Social Security and Infonavit, with their corresponding benefits from companies.  


The Mazatlan Post