Coepriss will measure the presence of Covid at the Mazatlán airport


The State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation will be in charge of carrying out these studies, in addition to the tests offered by Grupo OMA.

MAZATLAN. – Constantly, at the Mazatlán International Airport, the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, will take air samples to verify if there are Covid-19 particles in the environment, and thus intensely disinfect and combat it, reported the General Manager, Vladimir Ramírez del Ángel.  

He mentioned that these samples are taken constantly and that it is not the first time that they have been carried out, in addition to the sanitary protocols that are already known, such as the mandatory use of face masks within the place, the healthy distance and the frequent washing of hands.  

“They were carrying out samples in the air, samples in the environment inside the airport terminal building, especially for international flights, it is the sample that is going to be applied to guarantee that the environment inside the terminal is okay,” he said.  

Ramírez del Ángel pointed out that the results are not immediate, but they are effective to know how the air quality is in the place, and although they know that they comply with the measures and even use chemicals or disinfectants, these analyzes by The authorities.  

“We will be waiting for the result that Coepriss decides, previously studies had been carried out and it was favorable, the environment inside the terminal is fine, because we use some tablets or chemicals that go inside the air conditioning equipment and that purify the air that is supplied, “he said.  

In addition, the general manager remarked that they have a covid test area; an antigen test with a cost of $ 579 pesos for passengers, that is, demonstrating with a boarding pass and for non-passengers, at a cost of $ 699 pesos.  

These tests are made with payment by phone, card payment or at the reception module. Your results are in at least 30 minutes, that is, if before you went to the airport an hour in advance, the recommendation is to take another half hour in your wait to perform these tests before traveling.  

As for the new measures for the epidemiological traffic light, spaces are constantly disinfected at the airport, in addition, access to the terminal was limited, that is, only passengers can enter, but not their companions. 


The Mazatlan Post