Mazatlan will have more restaurant options in 2022


The president of local Canirac comments that 2021 closed with just over 20 new establishments, and it is expected that this year the figure will increase above 25.

MAZATLÁN.- Are you one of the people who love food? We have good news for you because according to the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Spiced Food Industry of Mazatlán, this 2022 augurs a great increase in the supply of establishments.  

The president, Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez, mentioned that in 2021 it closed with just over 20 new restaurants, of all styles, franchises and flavors, and for this 2022 they predict greater growth, perhaps estimating that this offer will almost double.

“We closed with more than 20 new restaurants in 2021 and we hope that in 2022 it will be a greater number than that, the report itself is not available, but it is expected that they will be more than those new ones that opened,” he declared.  


Becerra Rodríguez pointed out that Mazatlán is on the lips of restaurant investors from all over the country, that is why many chains and franchises are coming to leave their mark and join the competition. 

Given that, he added that it has forced local restaurants to raise their quality and be more competitive, making it possible to reach a first-rate gastronomic destination, something they have been looking for for a long time.  

“A lot of quality comes from the big cities, as there is so much competition, the standards are high and so we have to raise those standards to compete,” he commented.  

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Fish and shellfish? There is something else  

Currently, in the port we find endless options to eat and although fish and seafood continue to be the leader and the jewel in the crown of gastronomy, there is already more for all tastes, pizzerias, pasta, salads, cuts of meats, hamburgers, and others, that manage to diversify the palate of those who seek them. 


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