Should Carnival be suspended due to the record numbers of COVID? This is what the Mazatlecos say


No one should put anyone’s health at risk, citizens said in a survey by Línea Directa, given the controversy that has arisen in recent days as to whether the port’s “maximum party” should be postponed or suspended.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For the good of all, but mainly for the health of the locals, the Mazatlán International Carnival must be suspended and wait for the COVID-19 to provide a greater truce not only for the port but also for the world. the citizens spoke through an opinion poll carried out this Thursday in some parts of the city.

They indicated that Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, beyond being under analysis, must be firm in his decision and no longer expose the port and its people, as he did in the last celebration of the event called “Welcome 2022”. Especially before this new wave of COVID-19 infections that is notorious in Sinaloa.

“-From the COVID, how many people do not come sick, no, it must be suspended, wait later.

-It must be suspended because it is a precautionary measure.

-Look, I’m with the Fourth Transformation, but Carnival must be suspended.

-That it is suspended, health is first and then the festivities. There is a lot of disorder.

-Yes, you have to take good care of yourself, Carnival, Motorcycle Week, and Holy Week (should) be suspended ”, they said.

Citizens said that, although Mazatlán lives off tourism, and the maximum party of the port is an attraction and a place of fun for many, today for the second year in a row, this coronavirus pandemic does more than mandatory to keep a safe and healthy distance that does not affect the economy of the city’s productive sectors and even less put anyone’s health at risk.


The Mazatlan Post