Mazatlan in 2021 collected from construction permits almost 2 million pesos


The number of permits issued ranges between 100 to 200 more or less and they are generally for small house-room constructions

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Between December and January there is a rebound in remodeling permits for small and large constructions, which will close this year at almost 2 million pesos in collection for this item, acknowledged the director of Planning and Urban Development, Jorge Estavillo Kelly.

“We are doing very well, thank God, the year will close very well, I do not bring the amount, but the collection for these constructions will close at 2 million pesos and the number of permits issued is between 100 and 200 more or less ”, he assured.

Ya son 2 millones lo recaudado por permisos para construcción

A local official commented that most of the permits that are issued are mainly for house-rooms because generally there are people who have damaged the roof of their houses and replace it with new or make tiles, install floors and that is what is mainly used does on these dates.

“Between December and January there is a rebound in small permits, in remodeling permits such as garage expansion, second-story construction, there is always a significant rebound and it is good because people invest their Christmas bonus in their assets,” he said.


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