On notice there is no deception; Mazatlan will close businesses that do not comply with covid protocols


The Mayor’s Office announces a ‘strong hand’ for those establishments that fail to comply with the preventive guidelines for Covid-19

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The Mayor Official of the Mazatlán City Council, Nayla Adilene Velarde Narváez, reported that to prevent the arrival of the fourth wave of Covid-19, last weekend tours were made in some clubs, bars and restaurants where it was detected that they were very relaxed and their guard was lowered.

Velarde Narváez stressed that, due to this situation, a first meeting was already held with the sectors to ask them to reinforce sanitary measures and to once again be at the forefront with the issues of sanitary protocols.

The local official said that the vigilance to maintain the protocols in force in the busiest places will be divided into three stages and there will be a heavy hand.

“The first stage of surveillance is the notification to the local that they are not complying, if they repeat offenses we have a second stage that is already a fine and the third in case they are not listening and do not support us, is the closure of the Instead, it was what was already commented to people in clubs, bars and restaurants, “he said.

The Senior Officer assured that the fines and sanctions will depend on what is being breached in the places, on the indications that are given and are not rescued.

He explained that there was total willingness on the part of the different sectors and in continuing to support the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, in this crusade to continue being the number one tourist destination in Mexico.

Nayla Adilene, said that so far the capacity of people allowed in closed places is 75 percent.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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