Sinaloa, the Ring of Fire, and the 11 volcanoes that flank it, did you know about them?


Most of them are asleep, but one is active in the deep sea. Do you know them and do you know where they are?

Sinaloa.- The state of Sinaloa is located within the Pacific Ring of Fire, therefore it is a volcanic area, and there are not only one or two, but 11 volcanoes located at different points. 

The Pacific Ring of Fire or Pacific Ring of Fire is one of the subduction zones located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean characterized by concentrating some of the most important seismic and volcanic regions in the world.

The Belt is located bordering the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and has an approximate length of 40 thousand km, its origin is associated with the most important subduction zones in the world, which explains its intense seismic and volcanic activity. It covers the entire Pacific coast, begins in Chile, passes through Central America, Mexico, the United States, travels through the Aleutian Islands, then goes down the coasts of Russia, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines, until it reaches New Zealand.

Sinaloa is part of this system, therefore, yes, there are volcanoes and so far 11 have been detected, one of them that of Alarcón with activity in the deep sea at 3,300 meters deep, 120 kilometers from the shore of the river. Cabo Pulmo National Park, Baja California Sur, and about 137 kilometers from Altata Beach, Navolato municipality.

But what are the others? If you did not know this information, here are details of the five best known that flank Sinaloa and that at the moment are “asleep”, according to specialists on the subject: 

1.- The Cerro Cabezón volcano: it is located between the municipalities of Ahome and Guasave; It looks like a hill but according to specialists it is an inactive volcano and it is imposing. 

2.- Botamanea Volcano: it is one of the three found in the Badiraguato area, Sinaloa and is located very close to the El Comedero dam. 

3.- Tecomate Volcano: It is located in the area of ​​the same name between the municipalities of Navolato, Culiacán, Mocorito and Angostura. It is considered one of the most important and known.  

4.- Marble Volcano: It is in the Marmol community and it was precisely as a result of an eruption that the well-known Cacaxtla Plateau was formed in the state of Sinaloa. 

5.- Alarcón Volcano, under the water: It was in 2012 when the detection of this volcano was reported, which is found as we already indicated above the line at 3,300 meters under the Sea of ​​Cortez in front of the beaches of Altata, Ponce and Ceuta on the Sinaloa side, and on the Baja California Sur side it is located next to Los Cabos, in front of the beaches of Cabo Pulmo. 

Sinaloa has had volcanic activity throughout its history , which could be related to the recorded seismic events, and which, together with the San André s fault or the El Farallón fault , continue with the displacement of plates. 

According to data from Protecicón Civil Sinaloa, the entity also has 31 volcano craters geographically located by the Sinaloa Science Center, each of them is indicated in the previous photos. 


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