Mazatlan’s monument to The Beatles costs the City 522,000 pesos


Mayor Benítez assures that it is not his taste, but that he seeks to attract tourism from all over Europe.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the new monument to The Beatles that cost the City Council 522 thousand pesos, it seeks to attract tourism from all over Europe, since it was a group of musicians worldwide, said the mayor of Mazatlán Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

He clarified that it is not his taste, but that the objective is to globalize Mazatlan tourism.

“ We are going to show you what it means, we are counting the opinions of all the people who arrive, of the visits we have, this is not a pleasure for a server, we are seeking to globalize tourism in Mazatlán and think big It’s not small ”, said the“ Mayor ”.

– Wait the English will come?

” From all over Europe, hey, it’s a global group, that’s the goal .”

According to the minutes of session Number 23-2021, carried out by the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlán, Acquisitions, Leases and Services Committee, it is announced that the realization of the tribute sculpture in bronze to the group The Beatles is a direct award to the proposal presented by Óscar Iriarte Ponzanelli.

According to the aforementioned act, the work was manufactured and molded with plasticine, a mold was made in silicone rubber and fiberglass, with reinforcements, with a lost-wax technique, it was melted and made in bronze, with a final finish in platen. It has dimensions of 1.30 meters high, 2.15 meters wide and weighs approximately 320 kilos. The cost of this work is 450 thousand pesos plus VAT, that is, 522 thousand pesos.

Asked about where the more than 500 thousand pesos that the monument to The Beatles cost came from, the Municipal President replied that he did not know how much it cost.

” See it in Transparency, but everything comes from here, no way that I put it out of my pocket, ” he said.

Regarding the comparison that people make with the monument while the drinking water problem exists, he indicated that the turbidity has already decreased and that in 15 days it will be as it always has been.


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