Almost 400 earthquakes in 10 days worries Sinaloa geophysicist


“This is not normal”, warns the geophysicist Juan Espinosa Luna, who is looking for explanations of the movements that have been generalized especially north of Ahome

Sinaloa.- Impressively in the last 10 days, the record of seismic movements in the San Andrés fault, which affects the state of Sinaloa, from San Francisco to Teacapán has been close to 400 events, said Juan Espinosa Luna .

The doctor in applied geophysics said that he is surprised by this situation because it is not normal that these movements are being generated, ranging from 1 to 5.2 degrees on the Richter scale.

“We really have a record, we have until now in recent weeks what is in the entire San Andrés fault system, in the last 10 days 392 earthquakes, it already caught my attention, there are too many earthquakes, added to those of today by The early morning already requires a lot of attention, here in our state, especially in the northern part, the municipality of Ahome is the area with the highest seismic activity; this is not normal, “he said.

To date there is no record of such a number of movements throughout the fault, he said, if in a week there have been 10 earthquakes but reaching 392 is already worrying, even if they have been small.

I mention that it is not a seismic swarm because those are generated in a very specific area, not in a generalized way in the entire San Andrés system, that for Sinaloa should be viewed with concern and start monitoring through a state network.

At the moment he said that he is pending to try to infer how often this movement is registered, a seismic network must be reactivated in Sinaloa, and for his part, he mentioned that he has contacted specialists from the University of California to share data and try to get to the cause.


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