Mazatlan pulmonia drivers claim to be extorted by municipal police


Right on the tourist strip, they arrest pulmonia drivers with the excuse of misuse of sanitary measures, and then demand money from them.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For reasons such as circulating without a mask, the municipal police of Mazatlán is detaining the transporters in order to arrest them, asking in exchange for a ‘voluntary contribution’ and letting them go, accused the leader of the Cooperative from Pulmonias del Puerto, Maríano Ortega Vizcarra.

Ensuring that they have previously approached the authorities to report the crime, the leader declared that it is extortion by the municipal police, since right on the tourist strip they arrest pulmonia drivers with the excuse of misuse of the measures sanitary, and then demand money.

“They are stopped, stripped, inspected and in the end, they end up taking money from them so as not to take them detained for situations as simple as the mask,” he mentioned.

The carrier observed that due to this, tourists who are on board the units are lowered, which has caused them to lose the desire to visit the port.

“We have a long time, practically since the protocols began, denouncing abuses by the police, especially in the tourist strip,” he referred.

“The truth is that many tourists have been complaining and have been saying that they are not going to return to Mazatlán because of the harassment that is taking place,” he added.

Ortega Vizcarra said that the matter has already been discussed with the authorities without addressing the problem.

There are no reports of police extortion of pulmonias

Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola asks citizens to make formal complaints of the assaults that occur in the city

The secretary of Municipal Public Security, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, challenged the leader of the pulmoneros, Luis Mariano Ortega, to file a complaint if there are policemen who extort tourists who go on board this public transport.

He reported that so far no person has filed a complaint in this regard and that Ortega has the doors of his office open to address the issue.

“ If it is the pulmonary union, I ask Mariano Ortega to come closer with me and let me know, but if it is the citizen, until now we have not had any complaints from the citizen. What happens is that perhaps he is a little upset because his workers have been required to use face masks, to use acrylic, they have already forgotten, the pandemic has not gone away, we must continue, not lower our guard, However, nowadays we see several pulmonias that have already removed the acrylic or put a rubber and they have already removed it, that is what I would ask Mariano, ”he said.

And on the point made by the leader of the pulmoneros, that more police operations were needed in the colonies since they suffer up to four assaults a week, Commander Alfaro Gaxiola asked the transporters to report the robberies they suffer.

” That it does not come out that they should not report it, that they report it, I call on them to report it, because if they do not report it, how are we going to find out on the part of us, the Ministry of Public Security, to make the report to we can go to where the incident is, as it says, if there is a fact that makes the report and we are happy to go, “said the police chief.

He indicated that the same will happen with police officers who say that they are allegedly extorting, since there are no complaints in this regard either in Internal Affairs or before the Public Ministry, but so far, he added, he has not seen any complaint from any citizen.


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