Everything you need to know about the Christmas bonus in Sinaloa


In case of any delay in payment or not granting it, there is a fine for breach of the law, where workers can go to the Federal or Local Conciliation and Arbitration Boards

MAZATLAN. – The year was about to end, but not before having received the wonderful Christmas gift.

What is the Christmas bonus? The Aguinaldo, It is a legal benefit, an extra payment that workers receive and is stipulated in the Federal Labor Law as part of labor rights and that must be covered no later than December 20, informed Martín Luis Morales Acuña, delegate of the Attorney for the Defense of Labor in the South zone.  

Morales Acuña commented that the bonus is an inalienable labor benefit, and does not have the character that it has any substitutable effect with some type of exchange or exchange, since the Federal Labor Law provides that at least the payment must be a fortnight, if You worked for a year, or if you worked for six months it should be half a fortnight, that is, 7 and a half days.  

“This is a benefit that does not have a maximum limit, because there are many employers that give you two months of bonus that is equivalent to 60 days of bonus or 40 days, or one month, but the minimum is 15 days,” he said. 

The head of the agency pointed out that if the worker is not working in the place or has moved to another city and needs to recover that money, he can go to human resources and request the presentation since it prescribes until the following year, that is until December 2022.  

“We are very attentive to the legal and labor inspection department in case you have any questions or the amount to be received,” he commented.  

Finally, he expressed that any advice that people occupy can be communicated to the telephones 669-915-51-00 or 6691-66-12-01. 


In order to calculate the approximate amount that will be received as a bonus, the base salary or the amount that is received for each day worked is taken into account. This amount is multiplied by the corresponding number of days, which are 15. 

Likewise, if a job was recently fired, you may still be eligible for your bonus, with a proportional amount of the time you worked in the company.  

Source: punto.mx

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