Merchants benefit with the arrival of cruise ships to the Mazatlan


The merchants indicate that sales are dropped 40 percent, but they trust that in the coming days they will increase.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Street vendors point out that sales are between 40 and 50 percent since it is not a holiday period, but they trust that in the next few days it will increase with the maximum celebration of the Mazatlan Carnival.

Declared in an opinion poll conducted by Línea Directa that during the week there are days when they do not sell anything, but the weekend increases to considerable levels, this with the arrival of tourists to the destination.

“It has been more or less, if they consume.”

“They are regular, we live on the tourism that visits us every weekend”.

“Sales are regular, there are good days and there are bad days too.”

The vendors said that they get good accounts with the arrival of more than two cruise ships to the port, since if there is only one, the chances of generating greater economic benefits are less, but they do not lose hope that they will have sales.

“Look sometimes a boat comes and it is sold more than when two or three come.”

“When there are two or three boats the sale is good, when there is a boat the sale is low”.

“When there are two boats if there are sales, but when there is one, they buy any little thing.”

Merchants said that they wait for the maximum parties of the port to come to recover from the January cost, since for those dates the national tourist comes and they do consume memories or details that represent Mazatlan.

Source: lineadirecta

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