The New General Manager of Mazatlan’s Jumapam takes office


Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres recognizes the trajectory of the new head of the Board

Mazatlán.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres took the legal protest against Mr. Osbaldo López Angulo, as the new General Manager of the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage, during a session of the Board of Directors of this Board.

The mayor recognized the trajectory of the new head of Jumapam.

“Since I met him, seeing his aptitude for work, his professionalism, and all his history; he worked at Cocosin for many years, the former Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel calls him, our friend, he puts him to work at the head of Public Works and he did an excellent job. At least that’s how we feel in Mazatlán and southern Sinaloa. “

The President exhorted the official to shed his party colors and work for the good of the Mazatlecos.

Osbaldo López Angulo public works sinaloa

For his part, López Angulo thanked the opportunity to add his experience and work to the Government of Mazatlán.

“Believe me that we are going to put all our enthusiasm and all our professionalism in the functions that we will have to develop. While it is true the Board has some work, which is what we are doing, but there is also much to learn, there are many things that have not passed through our hands, but that’s what we come to, to learn, to coordinate “.


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