Cerro La Petaca, with views of Mazatlan and Durango ecotourism development proposal


Cabins, hiking, zip lines and a panoramic view of the Sierra Madre Occidental towards Sinaloa does not exist in the south and is what the ejidatarios seek to empower

CONCORDIA.- In the south of Sinaloa there is a hill that is 1,900 meters above sea level, even from the top you can see the buildings of Mazatlán and the sea, even if you go along the international highway and you turn to the east, you will find it, it is the highest.

We refer to Cerro La Petaca, located in Concordia, a place that they seek to enhance tourism, with a project similar to the cabins that you find along the Durango mountain range as in Mexiquillo and Coscomate, can you imagine? Cabins, hiking, zip-lining.

Víctor Manuel Pérez Parra, is an ejido promoter for the National Forestry Commission and brings with him a tourism development project in the area, a stairway on the hill to attract cyclists, bikers, and lovers of walking among the hills, with the plus of offer them stays.

“It is a fundamental route and that is why we want to enhance it, we want to promote it, that is why we want to manage projects that help us offer tourist activities in the area, mainly hiking, which is our greatest attraction,” he declared.

The beauty of the mountain area of ​​Concordia is particular, the climate is cool, this season they already maintain temperatures below 18 degrees, but enough for the sighting of macaws to last for a few months, without reaching snowfall, that’s right. Imagine waking up to the sound of macaws and having them around you.

The inhabitants say that sunsets are unique thanks to the proximity to Mazatlán, from there you can see the colors that you appreciate from Olas Altas, and admire how the sun sets, something that you can no longer perceive in Durango, Cosalá and Surutato, places that they have complexes of this type.

“In the future we want to implement cabins, circuits even with zip lines, it is the objective we have as an ejido, the project is there, Conafor knows it and we are going to knock on the doors of whoever we have to do it to carry it out,” said Pérez Parra.

The hill is made up of a rocky formation, which at the top can be seen as high walls, which few have managed to climb; the experts classify them as canyons adoring themselves of vegetation where pines and oaks predominate.

Behind him you will have the Durango mountain range in view and in front of the southern Sinaloa coastal promenade, do you dare?

La Petaca "Pueblo con Magia"

They also have agricultural potential

Most of the agricultural production in the area is for self-consumption, why? Víctor Manuel says that it is due to the lack of training for pest control and transplantation, achieving only small productions that are distributed among the inhabitants.

Corn, beans, cucumber, chili, tomato, and even avocado is what is grown in the area, the latter with a view to growing and marketing it.

“The avocado is in a three-year process developing, but the producers themselves adapted them for that and the climate favors their production, the area has a high potential to obtain avocado and commercialize it,” he added.

Religious groups visit this mystical place to pray while contemplating the magnificent panorama, to the east of the rock you can see the mountains of the neighboring state of Durango, and to the west the mountains and the beautiful canyon of “Las Águilas”.

the flask

The “Las Águilas” canyon is a mysterious mountain with a structure similar to that of a pyramid, numerous legends abound around it, including the existence of caves that keep impressive treasures inside, as well as symbolic designs engraved on their walls that refer to the contact with aliens that the inhabitants of this small town had with these cosmic visitors.

It is also believed that this hill is a colossal pyramid covered by trees, earth and brush, however, they are just that, unsupported myths and unsolved mysteries.


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