Mazatlan’s Political conflict in City Hall must end say, businessmen and activists


The operating and permitting problems have already begun to affect various sectors, in addition to damaging the image at the national level about the problems it generates, they say.

MAZATLÁN.- If you thought that the conflict that exists in the Mazatlán City Council, between Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and the Councilors, did not affect the destination or its development of events, you are wrong, various business actors and activists have already come out and called an urgent solution by the port.

Tulio Martínez Tirado, president of the Association of Tourist and Entertainment Centers of Mazatlán, mentioned that after three weeks without first-level officials, it is already posing operational problems because they are closely linked to authorizations from the municipality, specifically in the Mayor’s Office.

“As for the sector, the December schedule extensions are coming, whose receipt of requests begins in mid-November, which has not been possible today, in the absence of a Senior Officer,” he said.

Fernando Alanís, president of the Association of Vacation Clubs of Sinaloa, pointed out that beyond group commitments or political parties, everyone must put interest in the city first since at the moment it has many areas practically paralyzed.

And like the entertainment association, they have not been able to carry out operating license procedures due to the lack of a Senior Officer, a fundamental position for the activity to continue regularly and under the law.

Miguel Hernández Fonseca, president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Sinaloa, called on the councilors to dialogue and reach an agreement to prevent economic activity in Mazatlán from continuing to lag, especially when the end of year is near.

“Mazatlán is strong economically… it is strong on the health issue. The protocols that the businessmen of the nightlife and commercial area in general carry out were carried out to the letter mainly by him through the Civil Protection elements “he expressed.

He recalled that Mazatlán was an example at the national level of how it was possible to reactivate the economy, taking care of all health protocols, what he said is due to the knowledge, disposition and openness of the administration of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez and of course to work and trust mutual with the business sector.

It is time, he said, to move beyond political parties, so that Mazatlán continues to have the growth that began three years ago.

The three businessmen agreed, supporting Benítez Torres, and as well as the national vice president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, Quel Galvan, emphasized that they continue to work and need immediate resolutions in this regard.


The Mazatlan Post