Yesenia has been selling fruit on Mazatlan’s beaches for over 15 years


She has practically all his life dedicating himself to this noble work because it is the inheritance that his parents have transmitted to her since she was born.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Yesenia N, has practically all her life dedicating herself to the noble work of being a beach seller because it is the inheritance that her parents have transmitted to her since she was born.

Daily it goes through the sandy beaches that go from those known as El Camarón, to those also known as Las Flores beaches or even the Holyday of Inn

Yesenia says she has been dedicating herself to this trade for more than 15 years and she feels proud of her trade because it is the activity that her parents have been doing for more than 30 years, therefore, every day she prepares her tray full of fruit, fruit. fresh, to put it on your head and start your working hours that vary a lot between the seasons.

“I travel from 5 to 8 hours a day, depending, sometimes I go in until three in the afternoon or four, I don’t know, depending because also this season the sun sets earlier; So, we have to come a little earlier, but in general I enter two in the afternoon ”, she commented.

The cheerful beach vendor said that the Golden Zone is a place in Mazatlan where both tourists and local bathers go the most, however, in recent days it has been seen a bit only due to climate changes and because people She is still afraid of going out due to the effects of the Covid19 pandemic.

“What I sell the most of what people almost always ask for is mango, but right now it is not the season, but when we can we get it or we bring it from other places, unfortunately, we do have to give it a little more expensive because we also do not sell it more expensive, “she said.

However, she added, when it is not the mango that people buy the most, they also ask for watermelon or coconut, which is also a natural fruit of the day.


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